Coffee cultivation in the United States is limited to Hawaii. Speaking of Hawaii souvenir coffee, 100% Kona coffee. It is famous for being the world’s three largest coffees along with the Blue Mountains and Kilimanjaro. This time, let’s take a look at Hawaii 100% Kona Coffee.

Best Kona Coffee Beans for Coffee

What is Kona Coffee Beans?

Kona Coffee is a brand of coffee beans grown in the Kona region, on the west coast of Hawaii.

What is Kona Coffee Beans?

Together with the Blue Mountains in Jamaica and the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, it is one of the largest coffees in the world and a rare coffee bean that accounts for less than 1% of world coffee production.

Hawaii has many beaches and attractions, but Kona coffee beans have been traditionally grown for over 100 years. Volcanic activity and high altitude formation make Hawaii’s rich and unique soil perfect for growing coffee.

The top five of Kona Coffee are:

  1. Kona Extra Large Coffee
  2. Kona Granule Fine Coffee
  3. Kona coffee with medium size and rich taste.
  4. Blooming Berry Kona-Coffee Kona Round and Small Bean Shape
  5. Small but high quality among small Peaberry coffee or other Kona coffee

Why is Kona coffee so expensive and is the price warranted?

The fact that mail-order sales have been expanded and generalized has reduced concerns about the quality of products sent as in the past.

But in the capitalist world, depreciation requires a price increase. Naturally, this price is paid by the producer and high for the consumer.

Therefore, as a producer, we do a variety of things to make a profit at a price that is easy to buy, but for coffee, it is more difficult to handle than ordinary products. Industrial products outperform similar products and low-cost technologies, but agricultural systems are difficult to develop on technology alone.

This product, no matter how good the taste, can not be directly reflected in the price, but it is very difficult to reduce labour costs.

In addition, the coffee in this question is shipped from the island of Hawaii, which increases the cost of distribution.

The recession is caused by the fact that consumers do not buy products regardless of the amount spent. However, this trend is also observed in developed countries around the world. From now on, the world will be like Japan, and populism will spread even more.

Why is Hawaii Kona so expensive?

  1.  In Hawaii, only Kona is recognized, so less than 1% of world production, so it is rare.
  2. The labour cost is higher than other producing countries because the labour cost is not mechanized
  3. About two years ago, many pests called berry bowlers (taken coffee beans and perforated beans inside) caused the appearance of pests, further reducing production.

Cheap Kona Coffee “Kona Blend”

You sell coffee as “Kona Blend” Written on the pack. According to Hawaii law, you can say “Kona blend” if you mix more than 10% Kona coffee beans.

100% pure Kona coffee is quite expensive, but Kona blends are relatively inexpensive.

Why labour costs are needed?

Why labour costs are needed?

Being an advanced country among Hawaiian coffee producers, not only is the labour cost high, but it is also possible to harvest coffee beans directly, which increases labour costs.

What makes Kona Coffee healthier than other coffee?

ACIDIC / Alkali Balance

Unfortunately, usually, women are naturally more acidic, especially when they reach Average age and above. It’s when the cushioning system, including the kidneys, lungs and pancreas, doesn’t work efficiently. It is recommended to eat a lot of alkaline foods. It is the best way to return your body to a healthy pH balance. Blue Horse Kona coffee has very low acidity, so the good for the stomach.

The impression of drinking Kona coffee

After all, freshly ground coffee is delicious. It smells sweet

Drinking gives a sour and sweet taste. I thought it was bitter, but it tastes delicious and deep instead of bitter.

It is better to drink slowly and sweetly with sweet candy.


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