Once the different varieties of coffee bean are roasted, they look similar but have many things which are different from one another, these differences mater on your daily cup of coffee. Although there are two primary types of coffee that are Arabica and Robusta that are cultivated for drinking around the world .to choose the best coffee it is necessary to first understand the differences between Robusta and Arabica coffee beans.



✸Robusta coffee beans have a bitter taste ✸On the other hand, the taste of Arabica coffee is one of the best taste in the world


✸Out of to the total coffee produced less than 25% is Robusta coffee ✸Unlike Robusta Arabica production throughout the world is about 70%

Amount of caffeine

✸Robusta beans contain a high amount of caffeine which is 2.7%and this amount is responsible for its bitter taste ✸Arabica beans have 1.5% of caffeine which is almost half of the Robusta


✸Robusta coffee beans are much cheaper due to their bitter taste ✸Arabica due to high-quality taste is very much expensive


✸The per acre yield of Robusta  coffee is very impressive due to the presence of a high amount of caffeine which ensures its protection from all the insect and pests ✸On the other hand, the taste of Arabica coffee is one of the best taste in the world

Lipids and sugar content

✸The Robusta coffee has about 35-40% of sugar and lipids ✸Arabica coffee contains almost 60% more sugar and lipids


✸Robusta coffee beans have a circular shape ✸Arabica beans are in an oval shape

Amount of Chlorogenic acid

It is an antioxidant, which is useful for the weight loss

✸The amount of this antioxidant 7-10% ✸Here the concentration is about 5-8%

Plant height

✸Robusta plant can grow 4.5-6 meter high ✸Arabica plant is shorter the Robusta and is high about 2.5 -5 meter


✸Robusta coffee is less acidic ✸Arabica coffee is slightly acidic

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