Advantages of coffee

As coffee is one of the most deinking beverage due to its unique taste and has many health advantages some of them are as follows.

Health benefits

All these health benefits are achieved by drinking a cup of coffee twice a day some of the health benefits are as follows.

  1. Lower the risk of diabetes

According to the study of 2005 by JAMA, reveals that drinking a cup of coffee is helpful for the diabetic patient and decrease the chances of diabetes for a healthy person.

  1. Increase the coordination

In 2010, it was observed that caffeine present in the coffee could increase the coordination of the brain with the nerves system.

  1. Recover the liver damage

Study reveals that drinking coffee twice a day not only stop liver destruction but can also help in recovering the damage of liver also increase the life of the liver.

  1. Help in weight loss

Study reveals that coffee can increase metabolism and also burn more calories this is done by caffeine which increases energy either you work or not and utilizes this energy in thermogenesis.

  1. Decrease the risk of heat stroke

risk of heat stroke

Drinking coffee reduced the chances of heart stork the chlorogenic aid that is an antioxidant decrease the cardiac diseases.

  1. Decrease the chances of cancer

Study shows that drinking coffee decrease the chances of cancer like colon cancer and prostate cancer.

  1. Help in curing hair fall

The International Journal of Dermatology published a study in 2007 that shows that caffeine is a natural stimulant that can stimulate the hair growth hormone for men it activates androgenetic alopecia, it also helps in treating the hair follicles up to 46%. Caffeine can also increase the life of Spain of hair up to 36%.

  1. Increase your concentration and focus.

Increase your concentration and focus

The article published in 2007 in the journal of nutrition that if you don’t work for a long time then try a cup of coffee believe me that it will increase concentration and focus on the project in your hand, coffee has a serious impact on the configurative posture.

  1. Coffee decreases mental fatigue

If you are tired mentally or physically have a cup of coffee, it will not only decrease your mental fatigue but also make you fresh and make you work for a long time.

  1. A diet full of antioxidant

Coffee is a food that is full of antioxidant

Coffee is a food that is full of antioxidant even more than wine and tea, along with this caffeine give you the energy in the early morning with all this antioxidant also protect your body from the attack of free radical in addition to this increase your immunity.

  1. Headache

cup of coffee will decrease or finish your headache.

If you are suffering from headache don’t worry just have a cup of coffee, the cup of coffee will decrease or finish your headache.

  1. decrease your physical fatigue

In other words, fatigue is lack of energy.

In other words, fatigue is lack of energy. Alternatively, it is due to mental or physical exhaustion or stressed. We know that coffee contains a large amount of caffeine that is helpful in fighting with mental and physical fatigue and increase your alertness and pace of work. Caffeine can also hydrate your body. Moreover, caffeine, decrease the action of sleepiness. Because of this quality caffeine is added in most of the energy drinks.

Advantages on your skin

Besides drinking, if you apply the ground coffee on your skin have advantages some of them are as follows:

  1. Cure your eyes puffiness:

If you apply the coffee around your eyes decease the swelling/puffiness.

  1. Increase your skin tone:

If you apply the paste of grounds of coffee on your skin this will increase your skin tone.

  1. Reduces the inflammation:

A paste of coffee can also beneficial in inflammation if you apply it on the inflammatory area.

  1. Get rid of dandruff:

If you apply coffee and coconut oil mixture over the scalp of your hair this formula will finish dryness and also you will soon be able to get rid of the flakes of dandruff.

  1. Dispose of wrinkle:

If you want that you will be able to fade away from these wrinkled over the face you just have to make a paste of ground coffee and apply it over the wrinkled.

  1. Dispose of skin dryness:

If you want to dispose of the dryness of your skin you don’t need to apply expensive cosmetics for that you just have to make a mixture of ground coffee and coconut apply this mixture over your body you will see the result.

  1. Healing the crack of your heels:

Apply the mixture of coconut oil and ground coffee over the cracks of heel this will help in healing the crack of the heel.

  1. The fade of dark circles:

You will be able to fade of the dark circle by applying the mixture of ground coffee with coconut oil apply this mixture over the dark circle

  1. Shining the hairs:

If you pour the cold-brewed coffee over your hair while you are taking the bath will increase the shine of your hairs.

Disadvantages of coffee

Along with the benefits coffee may have some disadvantages that are due to the presence of caffeine, is a stimulator one cause many problems in some people here are some of the disadvantages of coffee according to the research.

  1. Hindering the sleep

Sleep plays an important role in retaining the health of man, coffee act as anti-sleep. Its digestion takes more than 6 hours and makes your brain active for almost four to six-hour. So drinking coffee after 6 pm makes you waken for a long time as a result, you have to sleep for less time, which cause serious select on your health. The best time for drinking coffee is in the early morning and before afternoon, this makes you active and less tired and make you feel fresh.

  1. Increase blood pressure

If you are suffered from high blood pressure then make a check on your how much coffee did you drink in one day .there are number of studies that shows that after drinking coffee the amount of caffeine content increased In the blood that can increase blood pressure for three times, drinking too much may be dangerous for your health.

  1. Increase the level of anxiety

Studies show that coffee can never start anxiety but it can boost-up its level. If you are, suffer from anxiety or do you have feels that you often remain tense then you just have to reduce the amount of coffee.

  1. Makes you addictive

Coffee contains caffeine that makes you addictive. Once you became the additive of coffee, it is difficult to leave it at once. When coffee is not available may cause withdrawal behaviour which causes headache, anxiety, irritation and depression.

  1. Fatigue

As we know, that coffee boosts up your energy. When the caffeine leaves your system, it may act in the opposite direction and person suffer from rebound condition and feel fatigued. If you want to avoid the rebound condition they drink, coffee after it leaves your system, on the other hand, it may cause hinderers in your sleep. So the best way to avoid the rebound condition and to get the maximum advantages of boosting up the ability of coffee that moderate dose instead of high dose.

  1. Increase miscarriage risk

The study shows that taking two or three-dose of caffeine-containing drink can cause once miscarriage. The women how are pregnant should avoid a high dose of coffee because it contains a high amount of caffeine which may be dangerous for them and for their offspring.

  1. Decrease fertility

The study conducting by university of Nevada School of medicine shows that the women’s who intake coffee on regular basses have decreased 27% chance to become pregnant. Stop drinking too much coffee or drink the coffee have lesser the amount of caffeine.

  1. Incomplete digestion

The person who intakes caffeine may have an upset stomach that cannot digest the food properly thus it may weaken your health. This is done when you intake the caffeine on an empty stomach.



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