Coffee lovers if you want to enjoy these fantastic dishes with coffee then reads the article. To make it perfectly then you should have to do one thing i.e. fallow the steps given below. Read the article and enjoy the coffee with vanilla Panna.

Vanilla panna cotta with brittle coffee beans


The ingredient that you requires while making vanilla panna cotta with Coffee beans are as fallow

Ingredient for vanilla panna cotta

  Ingredient                            Amount
  1. Milk                                                                                                       ½ Litre
  2. Caster sugar                                                                                      55g
  3. Gelatin powder                                                                                ½ Table spoon
  4. Lightly whipped cream                                                                ½ Litre
  5. Vanilla extract                                                                                  1 Table spoon
  6. Hot water                                                                                           85 Litre

Ingredient for brittle coffee

  1. Coarsely chopped coffee beans                                           1 Table spoon
  2. Caster sugar                                                                                     220 Gram

Recipes Steps

  1. Greased the1.8litter mould lightly for time. After that put sugar and vanilla in milk in the pan then put the pan over the stove, bring the mixture to boil on medium flame
  2. In the second step put the gelatin powder in hot water in a small beaker like the one jug then stir the mixture until it dissolves.
  3. Add this mixture with the vanilla mixture. Remove this mixture of vanilla from stove and allow the mixture to cool down.
  4. Add lightly folded cream to milk mixture. After that pour the mixture on the mold and chill the mixture for about 5 hours or even for overnight
  5. During this put the baking powder in the baking trays to make coffee beans brittle.
  6. Now add sugar in the water of ½ cup in pan and heat and stir the mixture until all of the sugar is dissolve fully. Increase the heat to maximum and stop stirring for 3-5 minute until the color of sugar changes. You should be very careful so that the sugar shouldn’t be burnt. Now add coffee and cooked
  7. When the color of sugar changes turn off the stove and put it immediately over the baking trays before the sugar became harder, and spread it over the tray now cut the slices and stored them in an air tied jar so that they are ready for use.
  8. Now takes the Panna chotta out of molds and put them on the serving plates. Garnish the plate with the slices of coffee brittle

Your Vanilla panna cotta with brittle coffee beans ready serve this wonderful dish to your friend and family and enjoy it.


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